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CTNewsJunkie is a must-read for people who care about Connecticut politics, policy and government – it’s the new daily newspaper. CTNJ not only reports and posts the latest news and analysis, they deliver easy-to-access morning updates and alerts about what’s ahead on a busy day, and the new business directory gives businesses like Communication Strategies access to a target marketing audience.
The news business is changing every day, and CTNJ continues to be a leader in that evolution, with an online format that delivers original content and diverse advertising options. CTNJ has a solid and growing readership, and their data proves it. On CTNJ, I can advertise my business with confidence that my message is being seen.
Patty McQueen

Communication Strategies

CTNewsJunkie provides our firm with the kind of tenacity and clarity of reporting that our clients also expect from us. We have seen our image grow and we know part of the reason for that has been our marketing success with CTNewsJunkie. The nature of the online reporting is fresh and crisp. As an advertiser and as readers, we are very impressed with this keen approach to the news and views expressed. It’s the best use we can find for our advertising budget.

Chris DePino

DNB Lobby (DePino, Nuñez & Biggs)

Support local journalism before it’s too late.

Jennifer Budai

CTNewsJunkie = great watchdog! CTNewsJunkie provides important information for anyone concerned about the way our state is run. As “traditional” media cuts staff, we need the Junkie more than ever!

Michael London

Michael J. London & Associates

Today the fake news is everywhere and reporters seem to be writing more opinion like pieces than giving you the actually news. Where can you turn? Premier journalist Christine Stuart gets the story right. She and her CTNewsJunkie team deliver the most complete, comprehensive and balanced coverage of Connecticut state politics available. Christine Stuart is highly respected at the state capitol. Her professional reputation was earned with people in power. They know they she will capture the proper nuance of the issue and will be treated fairly in her articles. I support CTNewsjunkie as the sentinel in Connecticut politics it is and so should you.

Dan Newmyer

GOP Strategist & Consultant

Because Christine Stuart is extremely smart and incisive. Print journalism coverage of the state capitol is dead. We are fortunate that she has taken up the task of making certain that the Governor and Legislature are exposed to the sunshine.

Carl Goldfield

Nobody does it better than the CTNewsJunkie!

Margaret S. Wirtenberg

The indispensable Christine Stuart is one of the people making Hartford happen. CTNJ is a staple of this news junkie’s media diet, because it helps me hack the information spew and know who and what is happening under the gold dome.

Chris McArdle

Hartford Hustle

Enjoy reading your coverage on the site, on social media, and in the morning emails. Thank you Christine and Doug for all you do to keep us informed. I appreciate it! Because we need this kind of coverage. Bad.

Pem McNerney

The service offered by Ms. Stuart to Connecticut is crucial at a time when media outlets that cover state and local affairs are dwindling. She represents a fair and independent voice when covering state and local politics in Connecticut. As we venture ever deeper into the murkiness of the state budget picture during the pivotal next 4 years, I look forward to in depth and accurate coverage of state government affairs.

Dan Spicer

CTNJ is the best! (Also love the coffee mugs.)

Paul Bass

New Haven Independent