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After a long career working in a Connecticut news room, I know first hand how much effort goes in to reporting meaningful stories… and doing it well. I believe CT News Junkie does a top notch job practicing today’s hybrid model that combines “boots on the ground,” first-hand reporting with top stories aggregated from Connecticut’s established news outlets. It’s a powerful and well-polished model that serves our collective need to know. I urge all readers to donate what you can to CT News Junkie to support the news flow in these challenging times for true journalism.

Tony Bacewicz

Like many of you, I rely on my daily fix of CTNewsJunkie for what’s happening at the Capitol and around CT. In this era of sensational headlines and sound bites, it’s comforting to know that there are still reliable sources providing high-quality reporting and trustworthy analysis. Choosing to support CTNJ was an easy decision, and it is one that I am proud to continue to make.

Gus Melita

CTNewsJunkie delivers consistently reliable, fact-based, and detailed news stories and it follows these up with future reports, i.e. it is journalism-based. I rely on it for first-hand information I require as an engaged citizen and voter, which in turn, assures the continuance of this great experimental practice we call democracy on behalf of all beings’ integrity and freedom.

Donna Fleischer

Poetry Maker

CT News Junkie does an excellent job keeping up with the CT political news.

Kim Opperman

CTNewsJunkie is one of my key places to stay informed about news, activities, and meetings at the Capitol. Christine is willing to ask hard questions and keep the public informed!
Barry Simon

In a world inundated with sensationalist news near and far, CTNewsJunkie has been a breath of fresh air. The news keeps me plugged into Connecticut and leaves me informed without feeling overwhelmed. CTNewsJunkie helps me do a better job of being an informed citizen in our democracy, which is more crucial now than ever.
Noel Grisanti

Having a source of non-biased news reporting is essential to ensuring that accurate opinions are formed involving the current topics affecting all of us as a community. CTNewsJunkie allows me to evaluate the political landscape and inform my own decisions, not those of the individuals reporting the news. I truly appreciate the fresh and timely reporting I read on multiple facets and am very excited to have the much-anticipated return of Hugh McQuaid to your team. I think Hugh has a pulse on the political climate!!!
Paul Wentworth

Hard quotes, real facts, snarky op-eds, timely news – it’s all here. Once a local news reporter myself, I relied on CTNewsJunkie for critical, honest journalism when I started working ‘under the Golden Dome.’ That was…a few years ago. It’s been a pleasure to watch them grow knowing that so many in this field are struggling.

Sarah Hamby

It’s the kind of hard-working, live-the-job journalism that provides important insight on how and why political decisions on crucial issues are made – an essential daily component to staying well-informed in Connecticut.

Eugene A. Sheehan III

Gene Sheehan, easheehan llc

I rely on CTNewsJunkie’s morning newsletter to keep me updated on the important stories happening in our state government and in our state at large. The reporting is fair and thorough and digs deep into issues that are impact effective and honest governance. Thank you CTNJ!

Paul Summers

CTNewsJunkie is my first stop for the morning news – “Because we do need it bad!” I know I can find highlights on the pressing issues in our state and quickly review what’s important to me while getting a flavor for what’s percolating. I appreciate, now more than ever, the independent nature of their reporting. Christine is always in the loop, asking tough questions and providing good insight. This is an important read, in the morning and throughout the day! 

Lisa Winkler

Innovate & Organize

I have been reading CTNewsJunkie from the beginning and Morning Coffee & Politics is a part of my morning each day (and I have the mug to prove it)! I also check the site throughout the day for new stories. Christine, Doug, and the team provide timely, accurate, objective, well-reported news that you cannot always find elsewhere. Thanks for all you do to promote knowledge and good government. 

Deb Polun

CTNewsJunkie is as much a part of my mornings as my local newspaper and my cups of coffee. I particularly enjoy the OP Eds. While I often disagree with some of the opinions I very much enjoy the ability to express why I disagree. I also believe that unlike so many other obviously biased news sources CTNewsJunkie is very balanced. I am not interested in News the way I want to hear it. There are plenty of other places I can go for that if that is the limit of my news interest. I am interested in sources that help challenge me to think outside my box. CTNewsJunkie does that for me.

Al D'Addario

I try to support independent media that provides in-depth reporting, is fact-based and covers CT newsworthy items. I wish I had time to fit reading it every day into my schedule, but I will try now that I am a supporter. Keep up the good work! 

Kristen Day

For those of us who are deeply involved in, and passionate about, the political space in CT, CTNewsJunkie is a critical source of what’s going on today and what to look for next. Hats off to Christine and Doug and everyone else who contributes time, energy, and love to this unique endeavor.

John Hartwell

Local journalism is threatened more than ever before; we are so lucky to have CTNewsJunkie to give us in-depth, knowledgeable coverage of Connecticut along with incisive analysis from folks like Susan Bigelow. I especially appreciate their coverage of politics; it’s a must-read for me! I am pleased and proud to support CTNewsJunkie! 

Jen Just

I’ve followed the work of CT News Junkie for years as a Connecticut resident and reader, as someone working on how to create a new world of sustainable independent local journalism across the country, and as a journalism competitor, collaborator and client. There are the obvious things — the hardest-working journalism organization at the capital, and a nonstop stream of accountability stories that have saved taxpayers money, protected the state’s most vulnerable, even saved lives. But what most people don’t see or know is the decisions that CT News Junkie has made repeatedly over the years, that it continues to make, that put ethics and accuracy and doing the right thing over options that would have brought the organization more money and been an easier path. This, most of all, is why I give to support this vital work. 

Matt DeRienzo

Editor in Chief, Center for Public Integrity

CT News Junkie is a big part of my morning news ritual. During my years in public service – State Senate President Pro Tem, Lt. Governor and Tax Commissioner – I always appreciated the quality of the reporting and the variety of the commentary. In these times of maximum disinformation in high places, good reporting and informed debate matter more than ever. 

Kevin Sullivan


I have been hooked on CT News Junkie since being introduced to it in 2011. I continued to read it every morning to keep tabs on the stories of Connecticut even after I moved to Chicago and New York City. Christine and her team are fair and dedicated reporters. And, we need to support local news reporters and organizations as much as possible.

Anne Melissa Dowling

Daily newspapers routinely miss important stories that CTNewsJunkie gets. You can count on clear, concise, unbiased reporting from the News Junkie. It is a “must read” if you want to know what is really going on in the State of Connecticut, and, in particular, at the state Capitol. 
Michael London

Owner, Michael J London & Associates

I appreciate the depth and breadth of coverage about Connecticut in the CT NEWS JUNKIE. I also appreciate that the CT NEWS JUNKIE does not create “click-bait” headlines and deceptive headings just to attract clicks. Honest headlines is a real rarity in the media these days. There isn’t another publication or source like it. I support CT NEWS JUNKIE and hope you will too. 

Richard Gard

My Mother worked for the local newspaper where we lived as I was growing up. In high school, I was the Sports Reporter in the school for the newspaper and actually made some money (I was paid $0.25 a copy inch). I was on the staff of the school newspaper and yearbook. In college, I wrote for one of the publications (a periodic magazine). As such, I have always had a great deal of respect for journalists and their trade. It is vitally important to have local and statewide coverage to keep everyone informed regarding the work of both state and local government. With the slow destruction of print journalism, an online newspaper like CT News Junkie is vital to keep us informed. I read at least two articles every day. It only makes sense to contribute dollars to the enterprise. Keep up the good work.

John W. "Bill" Sheehan

I have been reading CT News Junkie for probably 6-7 years now as I find it a great source of local news. I read pretty much all CT MSM and what made me a supporter was the amount of stories they reported on that the others missed. I support hard work and there are days I hear Christine on WTIC in the morning, see 2-3 reports from her during the day, and now I see her on NBC30 reporting at dinner time. The site’s Op-Ed writers are diverse so I can hear both sides of the argument and come to my own conclusions. The news media model has changed for multiple reasons, from internet-based news to people that just will not subscribe to get the news. This hurts the entire model and in the end will hurt the public when there are no reporters creating checks and balances towards state government. I am as conservative as they come especially with my money and CT News Junkie earned my support through hard work and a great product.

Scott Wheeler

We are lucky to have CTNewsJunkie serving the communities of CT by reporting on our state and local affairs. It’s straightforward news, with no paywalls and no spin. I knew they’d been around for years but when I went in search of local pandemic news I was blown away by their data and reporting. It’s now my go-to site for the latest in CT news. This is the kind of service that needs the support of the community. 

Erica Champion

CTNewsJunkie is a mandatory read for anyone involved with business and government in Connecticut. Their daily email is the first thing I read in the morning and something you can’t get from larger or non-local News outlets. Supporting them was an easy decision because I want them to be around reporting for a long time.

Jeffrey “Zeke” Zyjeski

CTNewsJunkie is an independent news resource for Connecticut residents. It is my daily news paper and I start each day with my Morning Coffee email. I appreciate the CTNJ alerts about what’s happening or what is ahead for the day. CTNJ’s original content and diverse views are important to me. So important I am willing to provide financial support.

John Whalen

CTNewsJunkie is a must-read for people who care about Connecticut politics, policy and government – it’s the new daily newspaper. CTNJ not only reports and posts the latest news and analysis, they deliver easy-to-access morning updates and alerts about what’s ahead on a busy day, and the new business directory gives businesses like Communication Strategies access to a target marketing audience.
The news business is changing every day, and CTNJ continues to be a leader in that evolution, with an online format that delivers original content and diverse advertising options. CTNJ has a solid and growing readership, and their data proves it. On CTNJ, I can advertise my business with confidence that my message is being seen.
Patty McQueen

Communication Strategies

CTNewsJunkie provides our firm with the kind of tenacity and clarity of reporting that our clients also expect from us. We have seen our image grow and we know part of the reason for that has been our marketing success with CTNewsJunkie. The nature of the online reporting is fresh and crisp. As an advertiser and as readers, we are very impressed with this keen approach to the news and views expressed. It’s the best use we can find for our advertising budget.

Chris DePino

DNB Lobby (DePino, Nuñez & Biggs)

Support local journalism before it’s too late.

Jennifer Budai

CTNewsJunkie = great watchdog! CTNewsJunkie provides important information for anyone concerned about the way our state is run. As “traditional” media cuts staff, we need the Junkie more than ever!

Michael London

Michael J. London & Associates

Today the fake news is everywhere and reporters seem to be writing more opinion like pieces than giving you the actually news. Where can you turn? Premier journalist Christine Stuart gets the story right. She and her CTNewsJunkie team deliver the most complete, comprehensive and balanced coverage of Connecticut state politics available. Christine Stuart is highly respected at the state capitol. Her professional reputation was earned with people in power. They know they she will capture the proper nuance of the issue and will be treated fairly in her articles. I support CTNewsjunkie as the sentinel in Connecticut politics it is and so should you.

Dan Newmyer

GOP Strategist & Consultant

Because Christine Stuart is extremely smart and incisive. Print journalism coverage of the state capitol is dead. We are fortunate that she has taken up the task of making certain that the Governor and Legislature are exposed to the sunshine.

Carl Goldfield

Nobody does it better than the CTNewsJunkie!

Margaret S. Wirtenberg

The indispensable Christine Stuart is one of the people making Hartford happen. CTNJ is a staple of this news junkie’s media diet, because it helps me hack the information spew and know who and what is happening under the gold dome.

Chris McArdle

Hartford Hustle

Enjoy reading your coverage on the site, on social media, and in the morning emails. Thank you Christine and Doug for all you do to keep us informed. I appreciate it! Because we need this kind of coverage. Bad.

Pem McNerney

The service offered by Ms. Stuart to Connecticut is crucial at a time when media outlets that cover state and local affairs are dwindling. She represents a fair and independent voice when covering state and local politics in Connecticut. As we venture ever deeper into the murkiness of the state budget picture during the pivotal next 4 years, I look forward to in depth and accurate coverage of state government affairs.

Dan Spicer

CTNJ is the best! (Also love the coffee mugs.)

Paul Bass

New Haven Independent