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How do I get started?

Click on the Add Your Listing tab and register. Pick a level of service and start filling in the pertinent information about your company. It’s that easy!

Once I have registered and entered my information, how do I make changes to my listing?

Log in and add your changes. Once you save them we will get a notification and double check for problems before approving.

What is the value of listing my services here if I already have a website?

By adding a listing here separate from your website, you are improving your ranking with the various search engines and also marketing your business to likely customers who read CTNewsJunkie. They may find you faster by searching for a specific type of service here.

Also, we have shut off commenting and rating functions on this directory, which means it will never become a place like Yelp, where competitors can leave abusive reviews or otherwise damage your reputation online. This directory is here to help you market your business and bring in new clients.

And as a member of our Directory, you are eligible for a 25% discount on your clients’ advertising campaigns.

Best of all, by joining you are becoming an important part of the CTNewsJunkie community. It’s a commitment that provides real support for one of the state’s most important news resources in an increasingly difficult economic environment for locally sourced news.


You can always contact Doug Hardy here for any & all questions.