CTNewsJunkie Turns 12:

• YOU VALUE JOURNALISM. In a world full of fake news, you care about the real thing. You know that change happens one person – and one story – at a time. After 28,000 stories in 12 years, we’ve earned your trust.

• YOU BELIEVE IN A BETTER CONNECTICUT. Like us, you choose to be here. You’re invested in this state and you’re done listening to how bad things are.

• YOU LIKE THAT WE’RE A LITTLE DIFFERENT. You understand that the news business needs an injection of fun and creativity to go along with time-honored values.

• YOU WANT TO BE HEARD. Our news coverage and op-eds are where discussions happen. We’re on a mission to see this state realize its full potential, and we can’t do it alone.

• YOU HAVE SEEN THE IMPACT. Stories that inspire action, deep commitment to the truth, and a team that is seemingly everywhere have made an undeniable impact at the capitol.

• WE’RE AFFORDABLE. Seriously, it starts at five bucks a month. You can do this.

• BUILD YOUR CLIENT BASE. If your firm works in politics and you need more clients, you can also join our Directory of Political Pros (and let us market your firm to potential clients). You can also become an Official CTNewsJunkie Sponsor below as well. All of these things contribute to improving the availability of well-reported, well-verified news to keep you informed. We can’t do it without you.

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Patty McQueen – Communication Strategies

Patty McQueen – Communication Strategies

CTNewsJunkie is a must-read for people who care about Connecticut politics, policy and government – it’s the new daily newspaper. CTNJ not only reports and posts the latest news and analysis, they deliver easy-to-access morning updates and alerts about what’s ahead on a busy day, and the new business directory gives businesses like Communication Strategies access to a target marketing audience.

The news business is changing every day, and CTNJ continues to be a leader in that evolution, with an online format that delivers original content and diverse advertising options. CTNJ has a solid and growing readership, and their data proves it. On CTNJ, I can advertise my business with confidence that my message is being seen.

Chris DePino – DePino, Nuñez & Biggs

Chris DePino – DePino, Nuñez & Biggs

CTNewsJunkie provides our firm with the kind of tenacity and clarity of reporting that our clients also expect from us. We have seen our image grow and we know part of the reason for that has been our marketing success with CTNewsJunkie. The nature of the online reporting is fresh and crisp. As an advertiser and as readers, we are very impressed with this keen approach to the news and views expressed. It’s the best use we can find for our advertising budget.