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The Tobacco Merchant & Community Education (TMCE) Steering Committee guides and informs Connecticut’s tobacco and e-cigarette prevention campaign. They develop and disseminate campaign materials and conduct activities designed to reduce the sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes to individuals under 21 throughout the state.

TMCE’s activities are funded by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (DMHAS) and are administered by Connecticut Clearinghouse, a program of Wheeler. The steering committee consists of a diverse group of representatives from state agencies, community health agencies, tobacco merchants, prevention professionals, police agencies, youth, and the convenience store industry.

TMCE has created several helpful resources for tobacco and e-cigarette retailers and the community including an online training, community awareness campaigns, public service announcements, the Law Enforcement Guide to Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Cannabis Offenses Quick Reference Card, the Responsible Connecticut Retailer Newsletter, signage for retailers, and promotional items, all of which can be found on the Tobacco Merchant Information webpage on the Connecticut Clearinghouse website.

Game Time from CT Clearinghouse on Vimeo.


CT Clearinghouse – Covid PSA from CT Clearinghouse on Vimeo.


Website: Connecticut Clearinghouse website
Phone: 800-232-4424
Address: 334 Farmington Avenue, Plainville, CT (Map)
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