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• Ensure that the civil justice system works for all people;
• Hold wrongdoers accountable regardless of their corporate, government, association or individual status;
• Protect consumer rights and safeguard the environment;
• Advance the cause of those whose person or property is injured or damaged;
• Preserve and protect access to the courts and jury system of this state and this nation;
• Uphold the honor and integrity of the profession of law.


CTLA’s Board of Governors, Officers, Committee Chairpersons, Staff, and Members are a ready resource for accurate, verifiable information and statistics on:

• Liability associated with unsafe products
• Negligence and wrongdoing within the medical community
• Jury awards and settlements
• Litigation frequency and profiles
• Corporate and political initiatives to impact individuals’ access to the courts and the jury system

In addition, CTLA will provide points of view of individuals who can offer balance on discussions related to such subjects as:

• Auto Insurance Reform
• Medical Malpractice and Health Care Costs
• Workers’ Compensation
• Faulty Medical Products and Devices
• Products Liability
• …and many other areas of public concern.

CTLA Board, Members and Staff welcome questions on all issues related to the civil justice system. Please e-mail us, or call our offices, with your inquiries.

You can also find the CTLA on Facebook here, and the CT Trial Lawyers Association’s Women’s Caucus is on Facebook here.

Website: Click here to visit CTLA's website
Phone: 860-522-4345
Address: 150 Trumbull Street, 2nd Floor, , Hartford, CT (Map)
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