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Quarterly Newsletter To Provide Analysis Of Connecticut’s Economy

by | May 4, 2021

An Economics professor at the University of Connecticut is making his analysis of Connecticut’s economic state accessible to the public in a new quarterly newsletter.

Dr. Steven P. Lanza

Dr. Steven P. Lanza, associate professor in residence at UConn’s Waterbury campus, said the newsletter – titled “The Connecticut Green Sheet” – takes a page from UConn’s old “Connecticut Economy Quarterly Review,” of which Lanza was the editor for 20 years, but which stopped publishing in 2014.

“Everyone’s always interested in the economy, where it is and where it’s going,” Lanza said. “This is my way of dipping my toe back in the water.”

The inaugural issue of “The Connecticut Green Sheet” focuses on the state’s continued economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and job growth. Lanza says he has received an increased number of phone calls from the news media in the last year regarding the economy, specifically how Connecticut is doing compared to other states.

“Connecticut has been a leader in putting healthcare front and center, making sure we solve that problem before we even begin to address the economic consequences” of the pandemic, Lanza said.

He added people he’s talked to, who have had issues with Connecticut being a “high tax state,” are glad they stayed put. “They are saying, ‘boy, am I glad I live in Connecticut and I don’t live in Florida, I don’t live in Texas. They take healthcare seriously here and I can get a vaccine’.”

Lanza says he plans on posting the newsletter on his faculty web page, which is in the works. He added he wants to make copies of the “Connecticut Economy Quarterly Review” available on that page as well.

Lanza has advised the state Department of Labor on current economic trends and prospects, and has served on economic advisory groups to former Governors M. Jodi Rell and Dannel P. Malloy, and has consulted on legal cases involving economic damages. He is a past officer of the Hartford Area Business Economists.

Anyone seeking a copy of the newsletter can reach out to Lanza at his UConn email address.

A PDF of the newsletter is here.