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Wielding the power of award-winning research and top-notch public relations skills, the Yankee Institute is the most recognized free market think tank in Connecticut.

Yankee is an entrepreneur in the marketplace of ideas, promoting individual liberty and economic prosperity through:

* Award-winning research on issues such as taxation, government spending, education, energy, transportation, health care, and government transparency and accountability

* Investigative journalism to uncover government waste, fraud, and abuse in state and local government

* Public opinion polling on public policy issues

* Events such as the Yankee Institute Speakers Luncheon series, the Milton Friedman birthday party, and other well-attended events

* Working through our sister organization Yankee Action, we promote and advocate free market, limited government principles with multimedia campaigns

The nine members of the Yankee Institute Board of Directors provide strategic guidance and financial oversight for the organization and are supported by the YI Advisory Committee. Yankee’s work is funded through the generosity of private individuals and foundations. We do not accept government funds and file annual disclosure reports with the Internal Revenue Service.

Phone: 860-282-0722
Address: 216 Main St, Hartford, CT (Map)
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