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A strategy, by definition, is a general or set of plans intended to achieve something, especially over a long period of time.

Sounds simple but doing anything online can be complicated and make your head spin. At Sindland Strategy, we keep it simple by offering one-stop shopping for all your online needs including website creation, photography, and videography. We also craft unique marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and attract new clients through our “3 Shellys” campaign.

Sindland Strategy redefines thinking outside the box. With talent and experience, we go the extra mile because we strive for perfection with proven results. We function like a creative think tank for our clients. We believe we can do anything we set our minds to—and we do it well.

Sindland Strategy has the experience to help you manage a public relations campaign or crisis with a deep understanding of local and national media and proven excellence in earned media placement.

Shelly Sindland is a charismatic innovator with proven ability to identify unique opportunities that communicate targeted messaging. She is skilled at cultivating community buy-in and inspiring others to jump on board through strategic content marketing, communications, and public relations campaigns.

Shelly is also a professional photographer and has photographed several candidates running for both state and local offices.

Throughout her career, Shelly has worn many hats including a TV reporter, radio talk-show host, public affair show moderator, national spokesperson, photographer, marketing director and communications director.

An advocate for women, Shelly re-invented herself in her 40s and jumped into public relations, media relations and the marketing fields. She continues to use her storytelling capabilities and knowledge of the industry to build strategic communications campaigns, connecting her clients with new customers, clients, and grass root campaigns.

Sindland Strategy is a creative think-tank and content marketing firm operating under Shelly Sindland Media & Photography. Shelly’s past work includes:

Killing a bill overnight which would have put a tax on home heating oil in Connecticut.

Doubling revenue in one night from a marketing event which brought in six figures.

Creating a national social media campaign to raise money for a woman to buy a robotic hand.

Creating successful email and text messaging marketing campaigns which lead to new customers for her clients.

Phone: 860-992-9045
Address: 44 Mayflower Street, West Hartford, CT (Map)
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